Residential Properties

S&CC is due on the first day of every month and payable without demand from the Town Council. We give our residents a one-month grace period to pay their S&CC. This means that if payment is made within the month, late payment penalty fee will not be imposed.

Your S&CC is meant for the maintenance and upkeep of the common property within Pasir Ris - Punggol GRC and Punggol West SMC.

• Provision of essential maintenance and repairs of lifts, water pumps, switchrooms, lightings and lift rescue services
• Conservancy and cleaning works
• Landscaping and horticultural works
• Preventive and cyclical maintenance works including repainting and re-roofing
• Replacement of water pipes and automatic refuse chute-flushing systems

Property Type

Reduced Rates
(With Effect From 1 June 2018)
Normal Rates
(With Effect From 1 June 2018)










3-Room (D&B/DBSS)






4-Room (D&B/DBSS)






5-Room (D&B/DBSS)



5-Room (3-generation) flat





Executive (D&B)


D&B - D&B refers to all non-standard flats including Design & Build, Design Plus and Premium Flats.Since 1Q 2000, HDB had decided to merge Design & Build and Design Plus flats into one category known as Premium Apartments. S&CC(D&B) is a decision taken by the Council after taking into consideration of the special designs, facade treatment, landscaping etc, which require higher replacement cost. 

Normal S&CC are payable by Resident:

• Where none of the owners or tenants and none of the authorised occupiers are citizens of Singapore;
• Where any owner or tenant or authorised occupier has an interest in any private residential property, or in any industrial or commercial property, whether or not owned by or vested in HDB
• Which is owned by or let to any body corporate; or
• Which is vacant.


- Penalties for Late Payment of S&CC of Residential Properties.
- 2% will be imposed on outstanding amount.